Be human. Create your life.


The essence of human beings is their ability to create their own lives. Reptiles, birds, and fish can detect immediate threats and opportunities. Mammals can do more by predicting futures based on varied levels of memory; for example, the mouse can remember it's way through the maze to find the cheese. But only humans have the capacity to fundamentally reshape the world and create lives based on their desires and dreams—to create tools, languages, art, relationships, businesses, and experiences modeled on the vision they formulate in their minds.So be human!Stop just reacting to threats and opportunities like a lizard. Stop following the path to the cheese at the end of a contrived maze like a mouse.Start taking 30 minutes each morning to pause, meditate, and clearly define in writing exactly what you want to create in life. It's absolutely 100% in your power. It's the essence of what makes you a human being.Be human. Create your life.